How To Make Vanilla Sugar

There are a few tips that really help to make baking projects successful, and most of them are all about precision--the exact measuring, the perfect oven temperature, mixing things just so. As I've said before, these parts of baking appeal to my Martha-like tendencies. But I have to say, a girl can't operate like that all the time. There has to be a little wiggle room, a risk-free way to add some pizazz to a recipe without throwing everything off. When I want to add a little oomph to my recipes without drastically changing the formula, vanilla sugar is where it's at.

I used to think that making vanilla sugar was the epitome of having way too much time on one's hands, but it really takes no effort at all. The creation of a certain cake lead to the ownership of a few more vanilla beans than I knew what to do with. Rather than tossing the seedless pods into the trash, I threw them into a jar of granulated sugar, and after a few days, began using the fantastically fragrant and flavorful results in everything from my morning coffee to iced tea (in moderation, of course) to cakes, cookies and candymaking. Just about anywhere you would use granulated sugar in sweets, vanilla sugar adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the finished product. It's not as assertive as extract, which makes it great for things like pumpkin pie or citrus-based desserts that wouldn't list extract as an ingredient. And all you have to do is just keep topping the jar off with more sugar--the infusing power of the vanilla beans lasts for years. Seriously!

It's the perfect time to get a jar of vanilla sugar going, just in time for all those holiday baking projects. Plus, it makes a cheery little hostess gift--just pack sugar and a few vanilla bean halves into a quart-sized jar, tie a sweet little ribbon around the lid and label the jar with a small card.

Vanilla Sugar

2 whole vanilla beans
Granulated sugar
a large jar or other airtight container

Split the vanilla beans, and scrape out the seeds if desired. Place the pods into the container, and fill the jar with granulated sugar, leaving a bit room at the top. Give the jar a good shake, and set it in a cool, dry place to rest for a few days, shaking every so often to help the vanilla essence permeate the sugar. Use in place of granulated sugar for a little extra something special.