What I'm Loving Right Now

In the interest of doing two of my very favorite things--making lists and excitedly telling others about the latest inanimate objects with which I am obsessed, eyes wide and hands flapping--I bring you a new series of posts from the POC kitchen called “What I’m Loving Right Now”**. I hope you’ll not only comment on my crazed collection of finery, but also share what little baubles and gadgets are making your life in the kitchen easier/more efficient/manically, inexplicably happier. Because we’re friends, and because we all need another reason to have that online shopping mouse-clicking finger get all itchy. You’re welcome.

A few of you sent love letters to this completely adorable cake tester after it appeared in the post about this completely delicious recipe. And I don’t blame you. It’s just so sweet I could pass out. Plus, I no longer have to deal with fumbling for a toothpick, spilling half of them on the floor in the process and then two days later getting stabbed in the foot with the one blasted toothpick that I missed during the curse-filled cleanup. I got this tester from Crate and Barrel on a whim, when I needed to spend a wee bit more to get free shipping on an order. Because I’m a sucker. But now I’m a sucker with a glee-inducing cake tester! La-la-la! Win!

I also have to shout out these awesome cutters from Fox Run. I bought them from one of my favorite shops because I was after a set of scalloped cutters for dainty roll-out cookies like shortbreads and these little gems. And that’s how I used them for a couple weeks until I realized that when you flip them over they are round cutters too! I never said I was quick on the uptake, people. So all of a sudden I had two different sets of cutters and would no longer have to use an old tuna can to cut out biscuits. What a great day that was! Pretend you understand the thrill, won’t you?

What little things are you loving right now?

**To the skeptics: I am in no way, shape or form associated with any of these companies or products. If I were, you best believe I’d make that abundantly clear. These are items from my own personal collection of stuff that I regularly use and love.

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