A Really Tough Job

So some of you may know that in my former life--which is to say when I was young and unafraid and, ahem, childless--I did a bunch of television hosting stuff. When we made our big move from LA to San Francisco and then found out about five minutes later that Little C was on her way, the TV world took a back seat. Like in the "way back", as my little sister and I used to say. But with Little C quickly approaching the big 0-2 (what, how?!), I've started dipping my toe back into some food-related television projects. And recently I've been lucky enough to start working with a fun show here in the Bay Area called Best of the Bay. Basically they said, "Hey, how'd you like to visit some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area, interview top chefs, cook with them and then sample all the delicious food?", and I said, "Oh my God, I would absolutely relearn how to do my hair and makeup and wear real clothes for that."

And so it is. My first Best of the Bay segment featuring the awesomeness that is 5a5 Steak Lounge here in San Francisco. If you are in the area, you can watch the segment on this Sunday's episode at 5:30 pm PST on KRON 4, and for those of you non-locals who'd like to see me put a ton of exquisite dishes in my face, here's the video!

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