And We Have a Winner!

Seriously, you guys? I knew we would all make great friends before, but after reading all your terrific responses telling me about the culinary gear you just can't live without, I am convinced that we all need to have one big cupcake and cocktail party. Because awesome kitchen dorks like us need to stick together, that's why. And at said party, we would all crowd around one person just to pelt her with questions about what she bought with the sweet $100 giftcard she won from CSN Stores.

And that lucky randomly chosen winner is Erin who said "I can't live without them all!!!! I am addicted to kitchen gadgets! Maybe my favorite is my Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator! Or my food chopper. Yikes, I can't decide!"

Well, dang, girl! Hope you use this giftcard to add to your indecision-causing arsenal. Contact me at pieceofcakedesserts (at) gmail (dot) com and we'll get your giftcard off to ya ASAP.

Thanks so much for entering, everyone. It truly was fantastic to hear from so many of you!

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