Oh, you guys. This past week has just been complete insanity. So unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how badly you like to peer into the insanity of others, which, to be totally honest, sometimes I find quite delicious), this won't be your typical POC post. Rather, just a pop-in and a bit of an update so you don't think I've really gone off the deep end or something. Also, a word about birthday cupcakes.

First and foremost, we MUST talk about the fact that my sweet Little C officially turned the big 0-2 over the weekend. My baby girl. TWO, people! So. Not. Okay. Seemingly overnight, she speaks in short sentences and has kneecaps. It's been a bit emotional for me. But Little C is thrilled about the whole thing. And depending on the moment at which you ask her how old she is, she might say, "Ummm...I'm-a TWO." Or perhaps, "Eleventeen!", further evidence that with a little kid, you never know what you're gonna get.

And despite the spotty recipe posts that may be occurring around here for the next couple weeks, I should let you know that the baking has still been in overdrive in the POC kitchen as of late, another source of that aforementioned insanity. Most of this hot butter-on-sugar action is because of a seed of an idea that's been slowly cracking open and sprouting, and I hope to share more details with you about all of that in the coming months.

But some of that baking was for Little C's big day. We threw a little party here at the house with my go-to crowd pleaser of the world's easiest and most succulent pulled pork, lots of cold drinks, and a birthday classic--yellow cupcakes with (mostly) milk chocolate frosting. If you're looking for the perfect combination for parties of all sorts, you can't go wrong with this one. And they're even better when made all adorable with one of these sweet cupcake kits by Meri Meri. Love.

So tell me, what recipes of the classic yellow cake/chocolate icing pairing do you swear by? Here's my picks:

Yellow Layer Cake or Shirley Corriher's Magnificent Moist Golden Cake

Shirley Corriher's Luscious, Creamy Chocolate Icing

Hope everyone is doing great! I'll be back on track with a new recipe for ya soon.

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