Easter Treat Round-Up

Did I ever tell you about the most glorious Easter celebration I've ever had? No? Well.

A couple of years ago, we drove up to Napa for the day to hang out with one of our favorite families. Great food was in no short supply--juicy local ham, bubbling and golden cheese grits, grilled asparagus, lots and lots of big Napa Chardonnay. We ate at a long wooden farm table in the sunny backyard. We all looked around to realize that every single person was in khakis and some shade of a pastel shirt. There was bocce ball involved. It was like a Saveur dream. I also think we'd never felt so WASP-y in our entire lives. But it was picture-perfect, for sure.

I hope you've got fun-filled plans for the weekend this year, guys. Whether they're pulled from a glossy food magazine, or--like mine will be--thrown together at the last minute and full of loud child antics with a breathless trip to Target because Yes, of course the Easter Bunny called us on the cell phone, Honey! Of course he will bring you lots of treats! Whatever you're up to, try any one of the following and you'll be golden. Happy Easter, everyone!

Bubble Gum Marshmallows (photo above). The good Lord knows I've got nothing against Peeps, but I highly encourage you to blow everyone's minds with homemade marshmallows this year.

Quick Brioche. Speaking of blowing minds, freshly baked bread does the trick quite nicely as well.

Raspberry-Pistachio Brown Butter Cake. For dessert or for an Easter brunch buffet. Even the Easter Bunny can't multitask like this.

Glazed Clementine Chiffon Cake. Because nothing says "happy day!" quite like a zippy, citrusy, big Mama chiffon cake.

Little Lime Cupcakes. And on a related note, nothing says "happy day!" quite like zippy, citrusy wee cakes, either. Also, frosting.

Cherry Shortbread Cake Squares. So simple. So cheery-looking. So easy to eat five at once.

Spring Vegetable Quiche. See how I've tucked a little savory in here for ya? Perfect, just perfect, for Easter brunch.

Tomato, Goat Cheese and Caramelized Onion Tarts. More savory loveliness. Brunch, lunch, early supper, whatever. Just get you some.

My Favorite Cheesecake. This recipe is so easy, it's crazy--like crustless cheesecake-crazy. Easter-level magic, I'm telling you.

Classic Popovers. I can't think of a situation where these wouldn't be perfect, actually.

Lemon White Chocolate Butter Cookies. If ever there was a perfect Spring cookie, BAM! This is it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Crumble Bars. A perfect way to use up all that rogue, leftover Easter chocolate. You know it will make it into your face eventually. Best to just make an event of it.