Sweet News

Have I ever got something wacky for you guys! So check this out. For the past couple months, I've been writing a real, live cookbook. And by "writing" I mean up to my eyelashes in granulated sugar. The book is scheduled for release next Spring, and will be published by the fun, creative and insanely talented folks over at Quirk Books. I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be in the company of some bloggers/authors I have such mad admiration for, like Matt, Susan and my darling friend Anita. Wow, wow, wow.

We've decided to keep specifics of the book's topic under wraps for just a bit longer, but c'mon--you guys know me. It's safe to say that it's prrrrobably not going to be a book about salad.

I've been recipe testing and writing for quite a while already, and this week I am already preparing for the first shoot for the book, which will be shot by the extraordinary Leigh Beisch and styled by Sara Slavin. This dynamic duo has created some of the most incredible images from beloved cookbooks I have had on my shelves for years, so in a few days, you can find me showing up at a photo studio with boxes of painstakingly-made goodies, trying not to die from awkward excitement.
In short, lots of pinch-me moments around here. Lots of showings of Toy Story 2 while I try to get just One. More. Thing. Done. Also, lots of moments that have me thinking that Morgan Spurlock really ought to do a documentary about what happens to a person when they are writing a sweets cookbook--but that is neither here nor there. I will be sharing updates with you here from time to time if you don't mind. It will make it a bit easier for me to wrap my brain around this whole mind-blowing experience if I can tell you a little about it.
And I really need to thank you, too. If it weren't for this space, for your support and kindness and light, I never would've become prepared enough to reach this point. So get ready, people--there's gonna be a whole lot of crazy up in here. Like, more than usual. Okay, I'm going back in. Dang, my kitchen floor is a hot mess.