Baking Cookbook Giveaway!

It's time, darlings. December 1st. High holiday baking season is upon us! Don't fight it. Just let it happen. To help you get inspired, I thought it might be fun to give to one of you lovely people TWO fabulous baking tomes that are positively tickling me as of late (in a fabulously fun and totally not-creepy way). Get in on it!

 The first book is the absolutely adorable and dreamy cookbook from Miette Patisserie, an icon of pastry perfection based here in San Francisco. The photos of the shop alone will make your heart sing. And then there are recipes that practically coo to be included in this year's holiday cookie tins. Believe me when I say that Miette's peanut butter cookies and walnut shortbreads are quite fine. And what's also sort of great is that this book is so feminine and elegant, it makes you work the word "quite" into your personal lexicon a lot more often than you regularly would.

I mean, the pages are scalloped, friends. And come Spring, there's plenty of frothy confections to get into. It's the sort of cookbook you'll bake from, but also flip through at your leisure when you feel like dreaming a little. The gift that keeps on giving, yes?

The second book, The Treats Truck Baking Book by Kim Ima,  is full of so much heart I gave it a little hug after flipping through it for the first time. True story. Regardless of whether or not you think this qualifies me to receive a stocking full of therapy this Christmas, I'd say it means you need this sweet little book in your life. You know that any woman who dreams up a food truck business solely to make sweet treats easily accessible to the masses is gonna have some excellent cookie recipes. Like, so many that they're divided up into regular cookies and sandwich cookies sections. Wowza. And don't even get me started on the Dessert Nachos. Dessert. Nachos. Hold me.

So we've got two sides of the holiday baking coin here--the fanciful and refined, and the homey and insanely delicious. If this combination doesn't get you preheating the oven and tying those apron strings, well...I'll reserve judgement. It's the holidays, after all. But I think we all know what I'm thinking here.

TO ENTER: Just leave a comment telling me about the baked good that screams HOLIDAY! to you. What's the treat that you bake up yourself or someone else makes for you that makes you go, "Ahhh...NOW it's the holidays"? Links to recipes are welcome too! I'd love hear what your holiday baking plans are, friends.

AND! If you feel so inclined, if you're not already doing so, following me on Twitter and/or Facebook will earn you an extra entry for each. Just make sure you leave me your Twitter handle and/or Facebook name in your comment so I can find you and start harassing you on the internets. The winner will be Tweeted and Facebooked about for all to see. If you're all, "I've already BEEN following you!", tell me so and you'll still get extra entries. Fa-la-la-la-la!

The winner will be chosen here at random and announced on Thursday morning, December 8th. Entries must be in by Wednesday, December 7th, by 6:00 pm PST. I will ship to the winner wherever you may be, so international bakers welcome!

***Giveaway has ended!***

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