"Real Sweet" Has Arrived!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to unleash this awesomeness upon you, but I decided I just couldn't wait! Tomorrow is March 17th, the official birthday of my third cookbook, Real Sweet. Much like childbirth, I am equally thrilled, amazed, and a little freaked out to have this gorgeous thing out in the world. Thrilled to be able to share tons of great recipes and wacky anecdotes involving natural sugars and lovely photographs with you. Amazed that the whole thing came together so beautifully and that they're actually going to let me leave the building with my name on this book. A little freaked out because again, like childbirth, the real work begins now, to get this little beauty into as many of your hot little hands as possible.



But I really couldn't be more pumped to do that work. Because when it comes to baking, Real Sweet is modern baking in the most exciting way. It's about all manner of sweet treats--some twists on comfort classics, some new ideas for treating yourself and your family with better, more natural, less-processed alternatives to refined white sugar. This isn't necessarily a "healthy dessert" book by the typical definition--it's a useful guidebook for exploring a new world of flavor-packed sugars and sweeteners beyond the one-note white granulated sugar we reach for so often in baking. There's plenty of sweetness here, full fat dairy, even bittersweet chocolate to keep things seriously crave-worthy. There also just happens to be sugars that might even pack a little nutrient punch with them, some whole grains, nuts, fruits, and seeds, the kinds of ingredients that really complement these natural sugar superstars.



I also love that this is a book that can be used for all days and all ages. I've divided up the book by occasion and all the reasons we bake--virtuous lunchbox treats and midday snacks for us and our kids; bake sale-worthy goodies and edible holiday gifts; things for a crowd to bring along for picnics and potlucks; the jazziest dinner party desserts; even candies and ice creams get the Real Sweet treatment in these pages. We're leaving no sweet tooth unsatisfied, all without a speck of refined white sugar. Awww, yeah!




As of March 17th, Real Sweet is available in stores everywhere! And if you're a modern kind of man or lady, of course you can order online:


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 Indie Bound | iTunes/Apple | Kobo | HarperCollins

As the weeks go on, I'll be keeping you posted about upcoming events and media appearances--here on this site, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now go forth, get yourself a copy, and let's get into some Real Sweet baking together!

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