Marsh Madness is Here!

If you're looking for a great way to make your head explode, might I suggest writing a book and waiting for it to come out? Yeah, that's about where we're at around here. The big day is this coming Tuesday, February 28th, when Marshmallow Madness!, the puffiest book ever (literally--a squeezable cover, people!) hits shelves.  We're pretty pumped. And the best part is that some amazingly creative people have already starting mallowing from the book. I know! 

It's called Marsh Madness (I understand that this is wordplay with some sports thing? Baseball? Lawn Bowling?), and it's a fun collaboration with the ever-inspiring folks at Serious Eats. Basically, for the next several weeks, scads of bloggers will post their own riffs on marshmallow recipes from the book, and I am charged with the insanely difficult task of picking a winner, who will win an entire library of cookbooks from Quirk Books AND a $100 gift card to Williams-Sonoma (I was pained to learn I am not eligible to compete). Looking at what's been posted so far, I'm already plagued with a serious case of "why didn't I think of that?!", as well as a strong need for bourbon in order to settle down and actually pick a single winner. I-yi-yi. 

I highly recommend checking out the incredible creations that have already been thrown to the interwebs, like these Maple-Bacon S'mores from Kitchen KonfidenceChai-Spiced Pistachio Marshmallows from Teenie CakesPeanut Butter Cocoa Krispie S'mores Bars from Love, Veggies, and YogaKitchen Parade's Orange-Kissed mallows; and Blood Orange Marshmallows from Sweets by Sillianah.

Mind blown, ladies. Mind. Blown. 

Here's the rundown of all the fabulous bloggers who will be engaging in sweet, sweet mallowing making and getting the fluffy, puffy word out about Marshmallow Madness! over the next few weeks. And lots of these good people are holding giveaways for a copy of the book to boot. Major! Check 'em out, get inspired, and help me pick a winner! (Please. Help me. Ack!)

West Coast Bracket 2/20: Serious Eats 2/21: Kitchen Konfidence 2/22: Love Veggies & Yoga 2/23: TeenieCakes 2/24: Kitchen Parade

Southwest Bracket 2/28: BakedBree 2/29: Homemade Quirk 3/1: Barbara Bakes 3/2: Foodie Bride

East Coast Bracket 3/5: Special Podcast Recap 3/6: Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice 3/7: Small Kitchen College 3/8: Culinary Cory 3/9: The Queen’s Notebook

Southeast Bracket 3/13: Ice Cream Before Dinner 3/14: The Kitchenarian 3/15: Nibble Me This 3/16: Love & Olive Oil

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