Marshmallow Madness!

Well, the big day has arrived, friends. Like a sweet, fluffy, puffy brand new baby, my first cookbook all about the art of homemade marshmallows becomes a part of the cookbook world today! I hope you'll pick up a copy, cook from it, and of course report back.

Even if I hadn't written it, I'd tell you that it's a super fun little book, full of all sorts of flavors and riffable recipes, baking tips and crafty edible gift ideas. It's got everything from the classics like vanilla and chocolate, to fresh and fruity flavors, boozy cocktail-inspired mallows, stuff for the adventurous foodie types (I'm looking at you, Maple Bacon and Pineapple-Rosemary) and novelty flavors for kids of all ages (bubble gum and Kool Aid mallows, anyone?). There's even a dessert section that teaches you how to incorporate homemade marshmallow into a bevy of sweet treats, and how to transform it into irresistible frostings and fillings. Overall, it's a glorious celebration of sugar in which I hope you will fearlessly partake.

You know, the whole time I was writing this book, testing recipes and generally living life like a Morgan Spurlock documentary while surrounded by unfathomable amounts of white sugar and corn syrup, I thought about you guys. I thought about how you might use this book, and what you'd need to know to have the most fantastically enjoyable marshmallow-making experience possible.  So I hope all of that comes through and that you have a heck of a great time working from this little book. Enjoy!

Pick up a copy of Marshmallow Madness! at your nearest bookstore (harassing them if they don't have it on their shelves), or order a copy from the good folks at Amazon

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