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Strawberries and Cream Pavlova

This week’s gem for From My Kitchen Friday (now up on my Instagram stories!) is a perennial favorite. I always find it incredibly morbid when people talk about their “last meal on Earth”, but if faced with the question, after rolling my eyes a little, I would have to say that pavlova would be the sweet punctuation on that menu for me. Particularly with loads of fresh July strawberries (as beautiful as multi-fruit pavs are in photos, I prefer a single fruit for the topping to help play up the heavenly, simple magic of sugary, crisp meringue shell, marshmallowy interior, piles of fresh cream, and a firm, sweet and tart seasonal fruit).

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Apfelkuchen from Classic German Baking

Here we are, another October all over again. Can you believe it? It's been a busy couple of seasons around here--some TV and video projects, contributing for The Splendid Table (hi, dream job), and developing book #4. Oh, and that not-so-small detail of mothering a a third-grader (!) and a finally potty-trained (!!!) 3 1/2-year-old whose personality is basically Male Sybil on Steroids. There's a lot to take in. I'm sure a lot of you feel me. In fact, can we all just go somewhere? Like a retreat in Big Sur where we all have our own private, sparkling clean bedrooms and bathrooms and we just breathe deep all day, and then convene in the evening over a case of wine and our favorite new cookbooks? Excellent. I'm bringing that one, up top, and seeing if the author wants to come with us.

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Strawberries and Cream Bars

Pssst. You guys. Come here. Like, closer; I don't want to jinx anything.

Because I think we've done it--I think we've finally gotten over the hump. Which is to say that winter might just be gone for good, and we're really, actually reveling in spring. At least, I hope we are, if not for my own sanity then for the life of the poor magnolia tree that bloomed in my neighbor's yard during the last week of March and then shivered to death during a two-day snowfall four days later. I was braced for a harsh winter this year, but I had forgotten all about the super charming Sybil quality of midwestern spring. But like I said--fingers crossed, here--I think we're in the clear. And now, if we get another blizzard the first week of May, you know who to blame.

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